I’m the founder of Adulting Cards. I love Mc Donald’s Fries, & 90’s-early 2000’s Music. I don’t like James Bond Movies.

In 2017 I became a Mummy & my whole world changed. I was an Actress living in London, chasing the dream. My husband & I moved to the sticks as soon as we saw those two blue lines, it was the best decision we ever made! I was no longer chasing the dream but living it, all be it a different one to that I had planned but MUCH better.

Becoming someone’s Mummy was the best, most magical thing I’d ever experienced! I was overwhelmingly happy but also overwhelmingly sleep deprived & well, overwhelmingly… overwhelmed! The more I spoke out about this the more I realised almost every Mum was feeling the same, they just felt too ashamed to say “Hey, this is hard”. 

It gave me an idea… What if we rewarded a new Mum when she finally managed to sleep through the night or drink a cup of tea whilst still hot!?

Adulting Cards are about celebrating new Mums everywhere, letting them share their wins one mini-milestone at a time!

Heavy D

My friends call me Heavy D & I am pretty much the brains behind this whole creation. Mummy was always rewarding me for everything… all I had to do smile & she would hold a milestone card up next to me, show the world & everyone cheered!!

It got me to thinking… she was feeding me, cuddling me all night, playing, singing & wiping my bottom… but WHO WAS REWARDING HER?! My friend’s Mums were just the same. I told Mum about my idea to create Milestone Cards for New Mums & she loved it! And well… the rest is history! 

So, a bit about me… well, I love Peanut Butter, Doggies, Pussy Cats, Slides, Baba (my awesome cuddly Monkey) swings, drinking smoothies & BEYONCE!! 

I don’t like bum changes, getting dressed or eating broccoli… YUCK! My Mummy & Daddy rock, they like to pretend they are in charge, but everyone knows I rule the roost! 


Hey! I’m Ryan, and I’m one of the creative partners of Adulting Cards Ltd. I like Oreos, model villages, Futurama and stuffing chocolate into my face. I dislike mushrooms and rude people.

I was keen to be a part of Adulting Cards from the moment I heard the idea. Why should the babber have all the fun??? Mums deserve a bit of recognition too!

I’ve been an illustrator for several years, and was delighted when Vanessa asked me to come on board and put together the designs for each card. I had so much fun putting them together! My favourite cards to work on were the ‘Poo-nami’, ‘Public Nappy Change’ and ‘Slept Through the Night’.

They always say you should avoid working with children and animals, but we’ll show em!


Hey there… I’m Anne-Marie, known as Ammo to my friends, and I’m a creative and business partner. I love jumpers, cheese, spreadsheets and boozy Sunday roasts with friends. I dislike superhero films and jazz music.

When the lovely Vanessa told me and Ryan about her idea, I knew straight away it was something I wanted to be involved in. Seeing it from the baby shower guest’s perspective, I could really see the potential in the new gift idea, and the good it could do for new Mums gave this lovely gift powerful meaning.

Ryan is the master behind the product illustrations, and I focus on other design work. I also focus on project management and the technical side of things; making sure everyone knows what they’re doing and when, and checking all the important numbers add up. 

If any of my friends get pregnant, they now know what to expect as a gift! Hehe.