Milestone Cards for New Mums


29 Hilariously honest Adulting Cards.

These Milestone Cards are the perfect baby shower present to give Mum the gift of being noticed!

  • The pack contains 29 unique cards
  • Designed and printed in the UK
  • Shipping to over 45 countries worldwide
  • FREE SHIPPING within the UK!


Milestone Cards with a difference! This pack contains 29 photo cards designed to capture those little big victories throughout the first year of motherhood.

We all know and love Baby Milestone Cards; “Today I smiled for the first time”, “I ate solid food”, “I walked for the first time”… BUT WHAT ABOUT MUM?!

Herald the day she manages to drink a cup of tea whilst it’s still hot (from the kettle, not microwaved), cheer for the morning she manages to wash AND blow-dry her hair and salute a fellow Mum for managing to clean up a Poo-nami in a public place.

Babies are great and all, but Mums are frickin’ awesome!

These hilariously honest Milestone Cards are the perfect baby shower present! Give a Mum the gift of being noticed… trust us, she’ll really appreciate it. Or if you’re the new Mama, go ahead and treat yo’self… you deserve it!

  • 29 hilariously honest Milestone Cards in a box
  • Designed and printed in the UK
  • Material: FSC Paper
  • Box weight: 140g
  • Box size: 107 x 151 x 16 mm

This set contains the following 29 milestones, including 1 blank card for Mum to customise with her own unique milestone moment;

  • Today I became someone’s Mummy
  • Today I brought my beautiful baby home
  • Our first time venturing outside
  • Today I got pooed on for the first time
  • Today was our first feed in public
  • I only got woken up __ times last night
  • My first day parenting alone
  • Today I braved my first public nappy change
  • Today I sat down without wincing
  • I mastered the ancient art of sling assembly
  • I finally managed to nap when the baby napped
  • My first Mother’s Day
  • Today I had an uninterrupted bath
  • Today I drank a cup of tea whilst still hot
  • Today I survived my baby’s first injections
  • Today I had my first alcoholic beverage
  • Today I cleaned a poo-nami in a public place
  • Today I’m getting some ‘Me’ time
  • Today we ‘did it’ for the first time
  • Today I washed and dried my hair
  • Today I’m back in my pre-pregnancy jeans
  • Our first date night since baby
  • Today my baby said ‘Mama’ (I think so anyway…)
  • Today I wore a normal bra again
  • My first night out post baby
  • Today is my last day of Maternity leave
  • Today I have successfully parented for 1 whole year
  • I slept through the night
  • Today I…

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